Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Started with your Aquarium

Setting up your aquarium is a little bit tricky considering the aquarium setup safety, cost, location and personal preferences. The first thing you should do is to picture out first what's your aquarium going to look like. You have an option to choose a smaller or a much bigger one. In my own opinion a container containing 20-30 gallons will do and the the shape will just depend on you. Take note that a smaller space will give your aquatic pets a little room to move and a little oxygen which could be fatal sometimes.

Location is one of the biggest factor to consider in your aquarium setup safety. Look for a space in the house which can be easily seen by visitors but is not directly hit by sunlight. Avoid placing your aquarium near the door or wherein people are passing by all the time. Noise may destruct and even cause stress to your aquatic friends. It is advisable to set it up on a much darker part of the room which also an advantage for if do some lighting effects in the future.

We already have an aquarium and a place for it, now its time to shop for accessories. You can visit your local pet shop for available accessories. Of course accessories will also depends on the the type of fish you want to put on you aquarium. Primarily the most important accessories are your gravel, filter, air pump, heater and etc. You can also ask advice from your local pet shop for quality products available. Once your aquarium is already set up pan to shop for fish the next day.

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