Monday, June 29, 2009

Well-lighted Setup Reef Aquarium

The most fascinating part about having an aquarium is to see those little water pets swimming on the aquatic world with a glimmering flashes of light. Before you light up that water world, there are few things you must consider to make it the ideal setup reef aquarium. The first thing that may come on you r mind will be the cost but it is also important to understand the purpose of lighting you fish tank.

Lighting you aquarium is not the same way of lighting your own room which you can choose whatever color or intensity you want. You must think first that your little friends should feel that they are on the real world. And what would be the ideal light, of course the sun itself. So, we need for look for lights which will give our fishes an impression that they are on a direct sunlight. Light also plays an important role on the body clock of our little friends. Sudden turning off of light supply may cause stress to them. It is very advisable to turn off your aquarium lights few minutes before you turn off the lights on your room. Same thing to do in the morning, turn on the light in your room first and then turn on your aquarium lights a few minutes later. It it normal not to have light at nighttime. Dark environment wont scare your fish, it is really dark at night on an underwater setting. The length of day and night time should be balance to maintain your fishes healthy. You must also think that its not only your fishes who needs light so as you aquatic plants which give oxygen to your little pets. If you choose a wrong type of the light, it may cause that your plants will not grow, but algae will.

According to, the most common lightings are Fluorescents tubes. They can be made in many color spectrum and many sizes. They lasts for about one year. They also can simulate daylight. Tungsten and Halogen Lamps are used in some cases, but they are not a good choice. They are maybe cheaper, but they need more energy and lasts for a short time. They also heat up the aquarium and they have not the right color spectrum for growing plants. This is also the the cause why normal lamps can’t be used. By the way, unlike like lamps specially made for aquariums, ordinary house lamps would not light up the whole aquarium the same way. Compact Fluorescents are like fluorescent tubes, but they last longer. They also need less energy even if they make more light. This can be possible because it looks like one long fluorescent tube shaped to U. Most lightings need more space, but this don´t. Compact Fluorescent and Fluorescents tubes.

Think first before you spend a dollar in your lighting so that your effort wont go into waste. There's no more place for your fishes to swim lively than a well-lighted setup reef aquarium.

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